Circle Round the Zero – Maureen Kennedy

This classic collection from Maureen Kennedy was first published in 1974. This brand new edition has been revised and edited to present classic children’s songs, games, jump rope chants, and clapping games.

These pieces come directly from children on the playground.  Maureen has researched and collected all of these wonderful activities both as a historian and as a music educator. She has preserved them in the written notation exactly as she heard the children play them.

This is a wonderful resource of all elementary teachers.

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Clap, Clap, Clap Your Hands

Presented by: Susan Curbishley

Term Three ACT Orff Music Workshop 2016
This workshop is for classroom teachers and specialists alike!
Hand clapping songs, chants and games are linked to cognitive skills.
Research shows that children who participate in these fun games are often better spellers, readers and have overall health benefits for adults and children!

Date: Wednesday 7th September, 2016

Time: 3.30pm – 6.00pm

Venue: Hawker Primary School
35 Erldunda Cct, Hawker
Car parking is available at the front of the school and at the preschool, with additional parking off Kulgera Street.

Cost: Orff Members $20 Non-Members$25

Enquiries to: Includes workshop notes and afternoon tea. (NO GST applies)


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Creative Bits with Childrens Lit! Sandy Lantz and Gretchen Wahlberg

Favorite Children’s Books with Orff Process Lesson Plans

Your favorite children’s books come alive in your music classroom with the songs and creative lesson plans  developed by Sandy and Gretchen and presented successfully in level courses and conferences around the country.

Each book is read and embellished with songs, games, movement, puppetry, and drama. There’s never been a better way to present important music concepts than through engaging young musicians with story, reading, and song.


Price: $40.00

Elementary Guitar – Connie Hale

Elementary Guitar provides immediate success for adults and children who want to play guitar. The book starts with proper playing technique, and then quickly allows the student to play “real songs.”

The unique teaching sequence starts with the simplest chord, E minor. After finding the two-finger E minor position and mastering a simple strum, the student can accompany six songs. Song variety gives interest to practicing a “just learned” chord or chord changes.

Elementary Guitar is also perfect for use a guitar lab with elementary-aged children. Many of the songs can be taught in earlier grades. When songs are old favorites, students are motivated to learn the accompaniment.

Elementary Guitar fits nicely with your Orff program too!  The games, songs, and activities are designed to fit right in with classic Orff style accompaniments. Add a guitar or two to your classroom collection of Orff instruments!  Let your Orff process include the guitar.

Price: $30.00

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Forgotten Treasures – Konnie Saliba

Folk songs, dances, and singing games that Orff master teacher, Konnie Saliba, has used in workshops, conferences, and Orff courses around the country are highlighted in Forgotten Treasures. Konnie’s mastery of the Orff process and orchestration makes this collection of American and world folk songs as well as some seasonal songs and singing games an instant classic. Ideal for grades 3 – 6.

“Over the years I have taught numerous courses and workshops. In each case I composed or arranged copious materials specific to my teaching requirement. Once the teaching assignment was completed, I normally put the materials away in my filing cabinet to be resurrected if needed. Recently, while sorting through this forgotten collection, I discovered a trove of songs I feel are still appropriate today. I hope teachers will find the songs contained in this book useful in instilling a love of music in their students.

The book itself is divided into four sections. “American Folk Songs”  contains many folk songs teachers know, but may also have forgotten.   “Folk Songs From Around the World,” has three songs with international flavor. “Holiday Songs” contains material useful during the holiday season.  “Songs and Games for Fun” is a collection of proven materials enjoyable for children of many different ages.

~Konnie Saliba

Price: $45.00

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In the Modes – Chris Judah – Lauder


A brand new book from Chris Judah-Lauder for Orff Ensemble, this new resource for Orff Ensemble features the ancient modes. Playing and learning in the modes is a great way to promote improvisation and instrument technique in your students.  This new book will also be very helpful to Orff Levels teachers looking for great new material to build an appreciation of these ancient scales.

A CD ROM is included with each book, with instructional visuals, full scores, instrument parts, and professionally produced audio recordings of each piece.


Price: $40.00

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Modal Mosaic – Robert Amchin

Modal Pieces with lesson plans for Orff Classrooms.

This is a collection of modal pieces to share with your Year 4-8 students.

These pieces present modes as a launching pad for improvisation and composition.

Each model has a full orchestration, complete Orff lesson plan, audio tracks, interactive visuals and listening maps – these are on a CDrom that comes with the book.

Price: $40.00

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Moods and Modes

A collection of ensemble pieces for soprano and tenor recorder. Sparkling, delightful tunes and sprightly accompaniments will excite your beginning to intermediate recorder players. A PACD recording including performance and play-along versions and a copy-ready student score is included.            The included PACD recording has performance and play-a-long versions of all the tunes in Moods and Modes. The recording features traditional Orff instruments and accompaniments. Play along with the recording or with just the accompaniment. Use the CD for rehearsal or for performance!

Price: $30.00

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Once a Round – Kerri Lynn Nichols

This is a collection of fifteen original rounds for beginning and intermediate voices written and arranged by Kerri Lynn Nichols. Covering themes from the “A-B-C’s” to “Let Your Voice Be Heard”, melodies in various styles are arranged a Capella, with Orff settings or piano/guitar accompaniments. The book includes several suggestions for creatively working with rounds to enhance any musical experience. Enjoy these rounds, sure to make you giggle or shed a tear.

Price: $25.00

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Strategies for Success – Jane Barbe

A supplemental resource for college  methods classes, student teachers, new and veteran teachers.    This book provides essential classroom strategies in the design of Orff Schulwerk that apply  in your everyday teaching, addressing each aspect of  creating and maintaining a successful music program.      The book includes how to develop lesson plans, prepare for concerts,  plan the school year, manage the classroom.

Price: $35.00

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