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Levels 1, 2, & 3 – Sydney – Sept/October 2019

Levels 1, 2, & 3 will include studies in Movement and Dance, Orchestration and Analysis, Technique and Improvisation, Recorder, Vocal Studies and Pedagogy. Level 1 participants require a descant recorder, Level 2 participants require a treble recorder, Level 3 participants require any melodic instrument that they can play PLUS any or all of the recorder family (descant, treble, tenor and bass). A basic knowledge of music notation is required for this course.

Brown books are required for all Levels courses as follows: (Brown books may be ordered with your registration).
Level 1 – Brown book 1, Level 2 – Brown books 2 and 3, Level 3 – Brown books 3 and 4


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Membership to the Orff Schulwerk Association of NSW entitles you to discounted course fees (all courses endorsed by NESA), a quarterly eBulletin and Musicworks, an annual music education journal.

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We value our members and especially welcome new members to our organisation. The advantages of being a member of The Orff Schulwerk Association of NSW Inc. include:

  • A quarterly eBulletin with excellent teaching resources, lesson ideas and articles on music education.
  • Membership of our national organisation ANCOS.
  • An annual copy of the journal Musicworks.
  • Member rates for all ANCOS Orff Schulwerk Teacher Accreditation Courses (Levels).
  • Member rates for all OrffNSW Workshops.
  • Immediate notification of Orff courses and workshops throughout Australia and internationally.
  • Membership of the Professional Teachers’ Council and input into educational policy at state and national levels.
  • Member discount for the Biennial National Conference in different states of Australia.
  • Access to our online supportive network of teachers all over the world.
  • Voting rights at our A.G.M.

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