The Modal Voice – Amber Thomas

Amber Thomas is a Music Teacher at Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College, North Sydney, where she has taught for eight years. She believes the Orff approach has much to offer secondary teachers, as an inclusive way to facilitate performance, improvisation, listening, musical analysis and composition for all students. Amber has completed Level 1-4 courses in Orff Schulwerk, and has been a part of the OSA NSW committee since 2006.
The Modal Voice.

This session will take participants through activities that will facilitate performance and improvisation with secondary students. Teachers will see the value of using popular repertoire both for its own value, (to teach concepts such as bass lines, harmony, tonality and modal patterns), but also to provide a ‘vehicle’ into the study of Australian Art Music. This session will focus primarily on Australian Popular Music. Participants can use their voices, their own instruments, or tuned/untuned percussion, and will participate in activities that extend their understanding of metre and pitch (specifically modal harmony). Pieces are carefully selected to utilise different modal patterns, and demonstrate changing metre. Pieces chosen are also linked to recent Australian Art Music repertoire, suitable for study in the HSC Music 2 Mandatory Topic: Australian Music of the last 25 years.