Spiralling in Control – Susan Gai Anderson

Susan-Gai Anderson has 25 years experience as a music educator teaching children aged from 2 -18 years. She is the Director of Belle Music Studios (Sydney’s Northern Peninsula). Sue trained at Sydney Conservatorium of Music in Music Education and has Diplomas in Piano Teaching and Performance. She has been involved in a variety of church musical activities as a leader for many years. Sue has presented at many Conferences throughout Australia and recently in New Zealand. She has completed Orff Levels Courses 1 – 4, as well as attending the Orff International Summer School in Salzburg in 2008 and The Jazz Course Level 2 in San Francisco in 2011. Sue is currently teaching Early Childhood Music at SCEGS Redlands, Cremorne, Sydney.

Spiralling in Control
A spiral is an intriguing design. Spirals can take us on an interesting journey in to the centre and out to where?… A circle is an enclosed rounded line. In music, the circle shape can represent an open singing mouth, a note, a dance or an instrument.

This is a workshop based on spiral songs and activities suitable for the Early Childhood classroom. New and favourite repertoire will be explored. The core of the session will be a structure based on sequential Orff principles.