Sticks & Poles: STOMP Style Percussion – Luke Robinson

Luke Robinson has a diverse background in the event, festival and arts sector as a Producer, Project Manager, performer, workshop facilitator and manager. Luke owns his own company with clients around the globe.

Luke is a classically trained percussionist with a Bachelor of Music Education from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

Luke was guest artist and creator as part of the Hundred Year Celebration at the Orff Institute Salzburg – working closely with Andrea Ostertag he facilitated the creation of a 10 minute music and dance piece for students aged 7 -11.

Luke has been Composer and artist in residence with Moorambilla Voices from 2006 -2008 and was artist/composer in residence at the National Choral School in 2007. He was Artistic Director of the Namaji/Guuramali Festival Walgett in 2007.

Luke is founding chair of Moorambilla Voices and Moorambilla Festival –
Sticks and Poles – ‘STOMP’ Style Percussion

Using the most basic of instruments to build rhythmic concepts, work on your time and groove out. Inspired by the creators of ‘STOMP’ this workshop provides the building blocks to engage, inspire and create.

This is a proven workshop technique providing very quick results therefore getting immediate buy in – it is raucous, groove based and fun!