Stepping Into TouchScreen: A Musical Game – Sue Lane

Stepping into Touchscreen: A Musical Game

Presentation of creative ideas to explore sound, movement and technology. Participants will become part of a giant touchscreen, interacting with symbols and sounds to explore composition.


The experience of technology is becoming an everyday experience even for the very young: babies are experiencing the effect of touching an iPad, viewing educational Apps and discriminating between controls. This age of technology demands relevance in our teaching as well as providing amazing opportunities for creativity. Participants will be actively involved in an imaginary world that presents sequential possibilities for composition, exploring musical elements. This will be extended to small group work, bringing together creative ideas into a class composition. Participants will discuss the potential of this “pre-technology” experience, brainstorming its application in different settings and possible links to other learning. The ideas presented will support teachers in classroom implementation as well as in using technology creatively in Music Education across the whole school.