Song of the Day – Ellis, Scarfo & Belshaw

Michele Ellis is the Head of Primary Music at the International Grammar School Sydney. IGS has a Preschool to Year 2 Orchestra which utilises chanting, movement, singing, solfa and instrumental performance in each rehearsal session. This rehearsal method for this orchestra is based on the original concept of Song of the Day developed by Chris Belshaw.

Kate Scarfo teaches Primary and High School mandatory and elective Music at St Andrew’s Cathedral School. She has a wide range of experience in the Orff Schulwerk approach and currently sits on the NSW Orff Committee. Kate has worked closely with Chris Belshaw and has a strong understanding of how Song of the Day can be successfully implemented in schools.

Alina Belshaw is Head of Wyvern Music at Newington College where the Song of the Day approach is utilised to integrate choral, band and classroom programs. She is an experienced music educator who is currently on the NSW Orff Committee. Alina has also used Song of the Day as the basis of string programs in a Junior School setting.

Song of the Day

Description of Session:

Do you have extreme instrumentation in your student body? What performance activities can you create with 5 xylophones, a tuba, a keyboard and a Grade 6 violinist?

Leading music educator Chris Belshaw has developed Song of the Day over many years and in this session, participants will experience engagement in music making and will develop ideas on classroom and ensemble pedagogy.

Song of the Day is a collection of songs which allow various instrumentalists to play with each other and at their current technical ability in a fun setting.  Participants will sing, move and play their way through a variety of songs.

One of the key factors in the success of the Song of the Day program is the flexibility for teachers. The ability to differentiate for students within a musical ensemble or class is made easy using the structure of the Song of the Day books.

Furthermore, this session will emphasise the importance of singing as a fundamental tool in music education.

Presenters Alina Belshaw, Kate Scarfo and Michele Ellis have all experienced working in schools where this program has proved itself to be a resounding success and all three are excited to share their ideas on implementing this program in classrooms and ensembles.

Participants are encouraged to bring instruments as this session will be very practical.

Song of the Day allows teachers to teach to Chris Belshaw’s motto … MUSIC IS FUN!