Programs, Pedagogy, Power & Passion – Sarah Reeve

Sarah Reeve is the Head Teacher of Music at Hunter School of the Performing Arts in Newcastle NSW. She is an Orff practitioner with extensive experience in the classroom and directing extra curricular ensembles. Sarah has presented at creative music conferences, Orff levels courses and workshops throughout Australia. She has a particular interest in found sound sources and contemporary Australian music. Sarah is an engaging and energetic educator, with a passion for music making.

Programs, Pedagogy, Power and Passion (Parts 1 and  2)

 Part 1
This session will be a fun performance based session where I aim to model best teaching practice, Orff pedagogy and preparation for assessment. Be ready to sing, dance, play and create while keeping a ‘teacher eye’ on the process.

 Part 2
This session will start with an assessment task. Participants will synthesise the knowledge and skills developed in part 1 in the context of group composition activity. The rest of this session will involve collaborative discussion including: Critical evaluation of the effectiveness of assessment strategies and how they link to learning outcomes and analysis of the program and preparation for the task.

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