Musical Formulas – Robyn Staveley

Robyn Staveley is Senior Lecturer in Music, Movement, and Dance Education at the University of Technology Sydney, Kuring-gai Campus. She is a past president of the NSW Orff Schulwerk Association, is one of the NSW representatives on ANCOS, the Australian National Council of Orff Schulwerk, and is Vice Chair of the Levels teacher training programs. Robyn has written many resources and materials and presented many workshops and courses throughout Australia and internationally. In 2003 Robyn was recipient of the ASME (Australian Society for Music Education) Excellence in Teaching award. Her research interests are in cognitive neuroscience and music education. Her workshops take you on a journey that is provocative, reflective, invigorating and best of all an enjoyable musical experience.

Musical Formulas
Analysis in musical thinking is an exciting way of exercising this capacity of the brain. A formula can be an impetus for starting a composition and can provide rich and stimulating textures. Participants will explore varying, simple movement skills in solo, duet and quartet to devise a composition to a specific structure. This structure will be represented through symbols and vocals. The movement composition will then be performed to repertoire to gain an entry into the formula upon which the composition was devised. The session will culminate in a reflection of how movement informed analytical thinking, how the teacher provides opportunities to practise these skills and the pedagogical implications.

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