Mission Impossible! – Peta Harper

Peta Harper is a secondary school music teacher at Fort Street High School, NSW and is an experienced Orff practitioner. She has been on the NSW Orff executive since 2001 and has recently completed the Special Course at the Orff Insitute in Salzburg. Peta has presented Orff Levels courses and at professional development workshops and conferences throughout Australia for various organisations. She particularly enjoys finding as many creative ways to explore an idea as possible.

Mission Possible!  Messaging Sydney to Salzburg.
Alert: all telephones, computers and known transmission devices are down.  We need to find a new way to communicate an important message from Sydney to Salzburg!

 This session will demonstrate and provide participants with the opportunity of exploring different ways of introducing and playing instruments, leading a class ensemble, introducing notation, learning a simple piece of repertoire, arranging and improvisation via several forms of communication and movement.  This will be done following a theme throughout.

Via the use of exploration and discovery, these processes can be used as teaching and assessment tools.

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