Don’t Forget Fun! – Sarah Powell

Sarah Powell studied music education at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and has over 10 years’ experience as a classroom music teacher with children across the age range (Prep – Year 12). She is currently completing her doctorate in the area of boys and choral singing, and works as a casual academic at the University of Western Sydney.


Don’t Forget Fun! 

This session will be broken into three parts. In Part 1, participants will enjoy taking part in some example activities (singing/moving/playing) suitable to use with young children in their own classroom/setting. These activities, based on Orff principles, provide participants with experience of how these principles can be incorporated into any activity. Part 2 will be an interactive discussion/presentation in which participants will consider research-based ideas on the importance of creativity and musical play with young children. This is also an opportunity for participants to share their own ideas and practices with others in the session. Part 3 is a chance for participants to work together in small groups and put these ideas into practice by creating their own short activity and presenting it to the rest of the group.