Choral Road Map – Kimbali Harding

Kimbali Harding holds degrees in Performance, Musicology and Education from some of the world’s leading institutes including the Cortot Conservatoire and l’Université de la Sorbonne. Since moving back to Australia she has been working under various hats, such as Head of Music (Curriculum) at MLC school, Lecturer at UNSW, Conductor of Sydney Voices, Education Consultant at Opera Australia.

Choral Road Map

Participants will be singing, analysing and discussing choral repertoire in order to unpack how to achieve learning outcomes, develop ensemble skills, target vocal growth all the while optimising engagement and inclusion. How do choirs develop students’ physical awareness, social and life skills, creative abilities? How can we actively target these areas through ensemble rehearsal?

What is the sequence of learning in choral development and how do we choose repertoire to support this progression? How does the progression of ensemble and vocal skills change between age groups, what are the different physical and intellectual needs of children between the ages of 5-12?

Repertoire will focus on Australian music as per Board of Studies curriculum and will also look at the impact of repertoire on student identity and self-image. How can repertoire choice reinforce positive identity values and cultural diversity? The discussion of repertoire will also look at the importance and role of commissioning new works in the Australian Education system.

Participants will peer-conduct and focus on techniques that are both productive and counter-productive to sound production and performance details in children ages 5 – 12. The workshop will discuss technical obstacles and strategies to overcome them in both specialist and inclusive choirs. Participants will be encouraged to find the balance between vocal technique, musical expression, aural training, ensemble awareness and performance energy through their management of the rehearsal process.