Conference Timetable

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Time Friday 3rd May Saturday 4th May
8:30 Registration
9:00 Plenary: All Participants
‘The Body, Brain & Music’ – Robyn Staveley
9:30 Plenary: All Participants
‘Orff Schulwerk Today: The Complete Musician’ – Richard Gill OAM
9:45 Main Session 1
Participants will be place in Group 1 or 2
I. ‘The Seven Swans’ – Robyn Staveley
II. ‘Mission Impossible! Messaging Sydney to Salzburg’ – Peta Harper
10:15 Panel: Chaired by Margie Moore OAM
‘The Place of Music & the Orff Schulwerk Approach in 21st Century Education’
11:15 Morning Tea 11:15 Morning Tea
11:45 Main Session 2
Reverse of Session 1
11:45 Main Session 3Participants must choose one
I. ‘What’s (Musically) in a Name? – James Humberstone
II. ‘Orff-ullly Good Games’ – Susan Curbishley
1:15 Lunch 1:15 Lunch
2:15 Elective 1Participants must choose one
I. ‘Jam on Toast’ – James Madsen
II. ‘Song of the Day’ – Alina Belshaw, Kate Scarfo & Michelle Ellis
III. ‘Programs, Pedagogy, Power & Passion’
PART 1 – Sarah Reeve*
2:15 Elective 3
I. ‘Don’t Forget fun!’ – Sarah Powell
II. ‘Digital Resources for Innovative Music Classrooms’ – Sue Lane
III. ‘Musical Formulas’ – Robyn Staveley
3:15 Break 3:15 Break
3:30 Elective 2 Participants must choose one
I. ‘Spiralling in Control’ – Sue Gai Anderson
II. ‘Choral Road Map’ – Kimbali Harding
III.‘Programs, Pedagogy, Power & Passion’
PART 2 – Sarah Reeve*
3:30 I. ‘Stepping Into TouchScreen; A Musical Game’ – Sue Lane
II. ‘Sticks & Poles: STOMP Style Percussion’ – Luke Robinson
III. ‘The Modal Voice’ – Amber Thomas
4:30 Finish 4:30 Finish