orff institute peaceful surrounds

Orff Institute peaceful surrounds


Margie Moore

Do you remember your first experience of the Orff Approach? I do – it was a weekend workshop where I experienced the pure joy of a folk dance session with Diana Humphries and Lorna Parker; the beautifully crafted pedagogy of Susie Gerozisis and Rita Finn and the challenge of improvising vocally in the Aeolian mode with Richard Gill.

This experience changed not only the way I taught (which up to then was what I would term ordinary), but it inspired me as a musician and a thinker and taught me that I could be creative in my teaching and my students could be too.

It has been my joy and privilege to be involved with the approach for 30 years since then.  In that time I have had the opportunity to continue to be re-inspired by the wonderful teachers Australia has to offer and to go to the heart of the matter and train at the Orff Institute in Salzburg.

The ANCOS Donations fund was established to enable young talented teachers to extend their learning of creative music and movement teaching and to have the opportunity to explore their own learning. In this way they are then able to expand their capacity to offer their students a much richer understanding of music and movement in their classrooms.

In 2011 the fund has provided support for one of our members – Peta Harper – to attend the special course at the Orff Institute (read more of her experience in Peta’s Patsch).  This is the first time an Australian has attended the course for 15 years. It has been a huge commitment for Peta as she has had to take leave from her school and fund herself to live and study in Salzburg.  She would not have been able to do this without the support of the ANCOS Donations fund.

I cannot think of a better investment we could make than to fund someone like Peta to be able to immerse herself in this wonderful world of learning and be able to bring this richness back to us to reinvest in our association and the students we teach. Peta will be presenting at the NSW Levels course in September and I know those of you who are lucky enough to learn from her will be able to dip into the well spring she will bring back with her.

You can support the fund that has supported Peta by making a donation that is tax deductible.  Any amount you are able to give will go help provide

  • Scholarships in music education training in Australia and overseas

    Special Course & Teachers @ Exhibition Opening

    Special Course & Teachers @ Exhibition Opening

  • Opportunities for young people to attend our biannual conference
  • Support of state and national initiatives
  • Funding for music advocacy – so necessary at this time of the development of the new Australian curriculum for the Arts

Download and fill out the donations form and send with your donation. You can contact Stockdale ACS on (03 9535 7000) to discuss your gift with us.

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